6 Week Course

1-On-1 Mentorship With Charles(Worth $200)

 This is a 6-8 weeks program to shape your journey to prosperity.

Each week you will have daily goal update to help you review your goals  and take meaningful actions towards achieving them. Making this a daily habit will have an enormous positive effect on your focus, clarity, results and success.

We take your success very seriously.

 We shall help  set a goal for this mentorship, and then support  as you work towards that goal. You'll receive program guidance each week, but should feel free to work at your own pace. Course fee: $19.00

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6-8 weeks Mentoring Course

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6-8 weeks Mentoring Course

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How can I help you succeed?

Have Clarity

You will never again have a clouded mind, indecision,what ifs, overwhelmed and worried

Have a Clear Focus

We shall teach you the secrets of focusing on one important goal to accelerate your success faster.

Results & Success

You will be able to see enormous results and success withing 90 days 

Business Coaching Made Simple!

Discover How to Start and Grow Your Own Business Without Prior Knowledge or Experience ( worth$200) 

You will learn how to Pick a Niche,Find suppliers,Build a Website. And Get Customers in Only 30 days.

Get a step by step blueprint Plus My list of Profitable Product Ideas.


“I have seen Charles evolve from nothing to a real estate portfolio determination. He is a man with integrity and passion who leaves a stone unturned.”

Jessica McDade

“C J Investiment helped me secure my first investment within a couple of week. I will recommend their services to anyone looking for best investment in any city or country.”

Henry Smith


Meet your Coach



C J Investiment is a partner of choice to work with on this program. It will help you tap into our wealth of  knowledge, expertise,experience and skills that would stand as a technical, morale and motivational support to your learning so that you be able to implement and achieve your set goals better in life. Knowing that you are being guided by someone who has been in your shoes. I started as a newbie, failed and spent many hours of trial and errors. I did not have mentors by then. I lost huge sums of money and man hours along the way until I engaged a coach and mentors.

With this experience, I m here to help others like you not to fall prey of the "bad guys" like  what I went through, but help you  experience a smooth and  step-by-step  journey to the "land of honey and milk".

If you work with me, you will be proud of the progress you  will achieve and at the end of the program I will recommend specific resources like books, online courses  available to continue supporting you in your career or ventures. In short we shall have a good and long-standing relationship with you. I love helping friends like you.


Talk soon,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

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